Handmade manufacture

Violins coming out of my hands are made on the models of famous Italian masters such as Guarneri, Stradivari, Testore…

Violins coming out of my hands are entirely hand-made, including lacquering and polishing to a high gloss. In doing so I use only natural and environmentally friendly materials (glues, lacquer, etc.).


Not far from the village Vitanje you will notice a yellow house, where you will find the fiddle studio, the workshop and me.

Upon entering the fiddle studio you will be greeted by pleasant classical music from an old record player.  


In my fiddle workshop I do all the renovations and repairs on all string instruments. I exchange fingerboards, replace and construct of violin bridges, screws, glue sound holes, ribs and neck, retouch and polish lacquer, replace billets (rib), rehair bows, and do other maintenance work on string instruments and instrument optimization (maximum setting).