Handmade manufacture

Violins coming out of my hands are made on the models of famous Italian masters such as Guarneri, Stradivari, Testore… Violins coming out of my hands are entirely hand-made, including lacquering and polishing to a high gloss. In doing so I use only natural and environmentally friendly materials (glues, lacquer, etc.).

Scroll, ribs and bottom of the violins are made from high-mountain Bosnian maple. They say the best to make sound hole (violin cover) is spruce in the area Jelovica or Pokljuka, but I have also used our Pohorje spruce from Rakovec (over 1000 m above sea level), which does not sound any different than the wood from Pokljuka.

All parts of the violin are glued with the natural glue (klej). I use exclusively natural materials such as schellack with the addition of herbal oils for lacquering. I add natural dyes as colours. Screws, tailpiece, chin rest and fingerboard are made of ebony, at customer’s wish they can be made of rosewood or any other coloured wood.